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M. Rostovtzeff

Iranians and Greeks in South Russia.

// Oxford at the Clarendon Press. 1922. XV+260 p.




Preface. Ч VII-X

Contents. Ч XI

List of illustrations. Ч XIII

Plates. Ч XIII

Figures in the text. Ч XVI


I. Introductory. Ч 1

II. The Prehistoric Civilizations. Ч 15

III. The Cimmerians and the Scythians in South Russia (eighth to fifth centuries B.C.). Ч 35

IV. The Greeks on the shores of the Black sea, down to the Roman period. Ч 61

V. The Scythians at the end of the fourth and in the third century B.C. Ч 83

VI. The Sarmatians. Ч 113

VII. The Greek cities of South Russia in the Roman period. Ч 147

VIII. The Polychrome style and the Animal style. Ч 181

IX. The origin of the Russian State on the Dnieper. Ч 210


Bibliography. Ч 223

Index. Ч 239














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