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Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies

(State Hermitage Museum and Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St Petersburg, 14-19 September 2015).

Volume II: Studies on Iran and the Persianate World after Islam.

/ In English. St Petersburg: State Hermitage Publishers. 2020. 364 pp. + XXX colour plates.
ISBN 978-5-93572-911-0 (vol. 2); ISBN 978-5-93572-869-4


Scholarly editor Olga M. Yastrebova. English editor Charles Melville.


аннотация: ]

The volume incorporates articles presented by the participants of the Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies (in St Petersburg 14-19 September 2015) which were focused on Iran and the Persianate world during the epoch after the spread and domination of Islam. The articles cover the extensive span of time, from the pre-Mongol era to modernity, and follow a very wide range of research directions, including history, historiography, art history, contemporary politics and society, religious thought, literary studies and linguistics. The volume is addressed to Iranologists and specialists in neighbouring fields.


On the front cover:
Faience tile. Iran, second half of the 13th century.
State Hermitage Museum, IR-1275.


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