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Alexei Okladnikov. Ancient art of the Amur region. Rock drawings, sculpture, pottery. Leningrad: УAuroraФ. 1981. Alexei Okladnikov

Ancient art of the Amur region.
Rock drawings, sculpture, pottery.

// Leningrad: УAuroraФ. 1981. 160 p.


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This book reproduces the unique archaeological finds, relating to the culture of the peoples of the Amur basin and the Primorye territory, which have been uncovered by Siberian archaeologists headed by Academician Okladnikov during the last few decades.

Alexei Okladnikov, an outstanding Soviet scholar, has devoted more than forty years of his life to studying the distant past of the peoples of Central and Northern Asia; he is widely known both in the Soviet Union and abroad.

The book includes a wealth of archaeological material from the 4th and 3rd millennia B.C., as well as ethnographic exhibits from the museums of Novosibirsk, Leningrad, and Khabarovsk, which display close links with the traditions of Neolithic art. Together they confirm the idea that the Amur is the cradle of an ancient civilization, and that the modern culture of the peoples of the Soviet Far East is the work of descendants of those who inhabited the area in the distant past.


Translated from the russian by Stephen Whitehead and Alla Pegulevskaya.

Designed by Yevgeny Bolshakov.

Photographs by Ferdinand Kuziumov.



Introduction. Ч pages 10-11


Faces of the Amur. Ч pages 11-16, plates 1-23

The УNefertitiФ of the Amur. Ч pages 16-17, plates 24-31

The Animal Ч Master of the Taiga. Ч pages 17-18, plates 32-48

The Bird Ч Creator of the World. Ч pages 18-19, plates 49-61

The Great Serpent. Ч pages 19-20, plates 62-74

The Amur spiral and net patterns. Ч pages 92-93, plates 75-104

The link between the ages. Ч pages 93-96, plates 105-146


Abbreviations. Ч page 158

References. Ч pages 158-159



















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