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Source. Notes in the History of Art. A special issue on the dating of Pazyryk. Ars Brevis Foundation, Inc. Vol. X. No. 4. Summer 1991. [ ]

Source. Notes in the History of Art.

A special issue on the dating of Pazyryk.

/ Ed. Laurie Schneider. Ars Brevis Foundation, Inc. Summer 1991. Vol. X. No. 4. 50 p.


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Laurie Schneider. Editors note. 1

Annette L. Juliano. Preface. 2

Emma C. Bunker, Annette L. Juliano, Trudy S. Kawami, and Judith Lerner. Introduction. 4

List of abbreviations. 7


Judith Lerner. Some so-called achaemenid objects from Pazyryk. 8

Trudy S. Kawami. Greek art and the finds at Pazyryk. 16

Emma C. Bunker. The chinese artifacts among the Pazyryk finds. 20

Annette L. Juliano. The warring states period the state of Qin, Yan, Chu, and Pazyryk: a historical footnote. 25

Harald Böhmer and Jon Thompson. The Pazyryk carpet: a technical discussion. 30


Illustrations [ Fig. 1-25 ]. 37

Contributors. 49



Editors note.   ^


Since 1927, the archaeological site of Pazyryk, in the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia, has fascinated scholars. Thanks to a natural happenstance, the degree of preservation of bodies and objects discovered in Pazyryk tombs is particularly good. SOURCE has been fortunate to be able to enlist the aid of Oscar White Muscarella of New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ancient Near Eastern Art Department, in collecting and editing the articles of this special issue devoted to the Pazyryk tombs.

Laurie Schneider




List of abbreviations.   ^


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