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New Archaeological Discoveries in Asiatic Russia and Central Asia. Sankt-Petersburg: 1994. (Археологические изыскания. Вып. 16) [ сборник ]

New Archaeological Discoveries
in Asiatic Russia and Central Asia.

// Sankt-Petersburg: 1994. 96 с. ISBN 5-201-01159-4 (Археологические изыскания. Вып. 16)


Отв.ред. В.М. Массон.

Contens [Contents]


Masson V.M. New archaeological discoveris [discoveries] and Asian prehistory. — 3

Kasymov M.R., Grechkina T.Y. Kul’Bulak, Uzbekistan, and its significance for the paleolithic of Central Asia. — 5

Masson V.M., Harris D.R. New excavations at Jeitun, Turkmenistan: the first five years. — 14

Masson V.M., Berezkin Yu.E., Solovyova N.F. Excavations of houses and sanctuaries at Ilgynly-depe, chalcolithic site, Turkmenistan. — 18

Korobkova G.F., Sharovskaya T.A. Stone tools from Ilgynly-depe (Turkmenistan): the evidence from use-wear analysis. — 27

Solovyova N.F., Yegor’kov A.N., Galibin V.A., Berezkin Yu.E. Metal artifacts from Ilgynly-depe, Turkmenistan. — 31

Kasparov A.K. Patterns in caprine exploration at Ilgynly-depe, Turkmenistan. — 36

Kircho L.B. New studies of the late chalcolithic at Altin-depe, Turkmenistan. — 39

Kuzmin N.Yu. Burial mounds of nobles of the early scythian period in the Minusinsk hollow, Siberia. — 44

Bokovenko N.A. Tomb of Saka princes discovered in the Sayans, Siberia. — 48

Zuyev V.Yu., Ismagilov R.B. Ritual complexes with statues of horsemen in the Northwestern Ustyurt. — 54

Matveyeva N.P. A rare case of an hierarchical arrangement of burials in an early iron age burial graund, Siberia. — 58

Minyaev S.S. The Hsiung-Nu: new discoveries in archaeology and art, Siberia. — 64

Zavyalov V.A. Zar-tepe: a kushanian town in Southern Uzbekistan. — 67

Rakhmanov S.A. The wall between Bactria and Sogd: The study on the Iron Gates, Uzbekistan. — 75

Marshak B.I., Raspopova V.I. Resiarch [Research] of Sogdian civilization in Penjikent, Tadjikistan. — 79

Semenov A.I. New Evidence on the Slavynsk (Anastasiyevka) Hoard of Byzantine 8th Century AD and Arab Gold Coins. — 86

Matbabaev B.Kh. On the discovery of a unique medieval funerary complex in Northern Fergana, Uzbekistan. — 89

Baipakov K.M. The great Silk Way: studies in Kazakhstan. — 87


Information. — 94

Archeological Studes [Archaeological Studies]. — 95









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